We are devoted to developing affordable luxury performance gear for all martial artists, jiujitsu athletes and workout enthusiasts. Bring them the best experience during hard training with continuous fashion creation and differentiation innovation.

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Chris is an enthusiastic martial arts athlete who trains at least 5 days a week. Over these years, he's experienced many gi, rash guards, shorts and spats from different brands. But it is still difficult for him to find the ideal high quality gear that matches his preference as a perfectionist and an extreme idealist
Many rash guards are either too loose or don't fit appropriately. Shorts usually roll up or have uncomfortable fabric materials, while gis are often too heavy to limit the movements during training. Chris is looking for technically advanced, durable gear that fits all training. What's more, it should be fashionable enough to wear in the gym and even daily.


Being tired of constantly adjusting the clothing during training he decided to improve this by his own hands. He began designing prototypes of rash guards, shorts, and leggings with a tailored fit and functionality in mind. He started working on the new fabric which is optimized for comfort, breathability, and quick drying.


His training partners soon began praising how outstanding his gear was. They also expressed their wishes to have the same comfortable and durable gear. A great idea came to Chris then——he could create a complete collection of clothing tailored specifically for modern athletes like himself.

So he brought in his friend Peder- an experienced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and a knowledgeable coach in the circle. Together, they founded the RISEPECT——a brand dedicated to technical apparel, pushing the combat clothing through continuous innovation to wider ranges like wrestling wear, athletic wear, gym wear, and other sportswear.


The start-up collection of RISEPECT consists the competition-grade rash guards and comfortable flexible double-layered shorts. These garments are made of innovative fabrics in minimalist designs that perfectly fit the MMA, BJJ, and training sports.

Since the launch in 2015, RISEPECT has accumulated a large group of jiu-jitsu and MMA fans. Its stylish aesthetics and thoughtful designs cater to athletes seeking high-performance training and everyday fitness apparel. Whether rolling on the mats or training in gyms, people have great confidence to wear the brand.


With RISEPECT Chris brought his martial arts dream clothing collection to life. This evolving brand allows him to share his passion for Jiu-Jitsu while helping other athletes show their individuality through creative custom styles. RISEPECT's innovative designs continuously raise the standard for technical fitness apparel.



We are a young brand that integrates development, design, production, marketing, and sales. In the past, we supplied to brand owners, wholesalers as well as the distributors, and retailers. Brand retailing is a part of our business. Our partners are from Europe, the Americas, Canada, Russia, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, South Africa to other countries. We hope to bring our high-quality products and personalized customization services to more and more customers step by step.


With the half-year implementation of the ideas, we started to build our customization by studying the demand and accumulating the experience from the academies and schools

With our system evolving step by step we started to develop the hot styles and provide one-stop solution to small and large brands

With our high quality and innovative service got approved by the market, we introduced the first performance rash guards and 2in1 shorts according to the athlete demand

With years successful attempt we expanded the ranges from jiu-jitsu to combat clothing

So far we have enriched our categories from fight wear to whole athletic wear now


In the future, we will combine more fabrics with technology and develop fabrics that are extremely soft and comfortable, can automatically dissipate heat, and are highly sweat-absorbent or sweat-wicking based on the needs of modern athletes for equipment and fabric quality.


We will also listen to the market and go with the flow, keep unlocking the new styles according to the future generations’ demand, create more designs and patterns with the hot elements and trending colors, and catch up with the speed of the traditional fashion update.